Wednesday, January 30, 2008

7 People

Today a normally thirty minute drive took me fifty minutes. Memphis drivers are infamously horrible, and apparently a couple of icy patches on the side of the road is cause for driving fifteen miles under the speed limit.


I was five minutes late for class, which normally isn't cause for alarm in college, but my English Comp professor has a rule: you're late, you're absent. I don't know if she counted me absent, but whatever. The class itself ended up being completely worth it.

Today we had a list of eleven people, each with a list of details about said person. After a series of catastrophic disasters that eradicates most of human life, you have to choose seven people to be kept alive.

I was pretty much laughing throughout the whole class. Our teacher was playing devil's advocate, partly because "she was trying to make us think", but mostly because I'm sure she enjoys watching us argue. There was a retarded kid in the bunch, and whenever anyone killed him off, she'd ask the person if it was because he's retarded. The person would get flustered and deny it, even though, yeah, that's pretty much the reason.

The class ended like this:

Girl Next to Me addressing the teacher: "Would you kill the retarded kid?"
Professor: "I can't answer that, I'm the instructor."
Me: "I believe that's a yes."
GNtM: "I believe it is."
Me: "It's because he's retarded, isn't it?"

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