Friday, February 1, 2008

New Oncoming Addictions

As of late, I've been more stressed out due to a myriad of issues that have been repeatedly metaphorically punching me in the face. By nature, when we are faced with stress, we revert to our biologically given tendences, such as a natural inclination towards anger, depression, etc.

Mine, oh so luckily, is addiction. From both sides of my genes.

Perhaps addiction is too strong of a word, but it's definitely a comfort. My comforts range from the usual, the odd, and the damaging. They are:

1. Zach Condon's voice. Desperately beautiful, full of emotion. I've been listening to his music on a loop and almost exclusively as of late.
2. Wine. To help me sleep. Because, for some reason, wine knocks me out as effectively as a roofie.
3. Cigarettes. The calming effect is wondrous.
4. Cooking. To the benefit of all, save me, because I usually have tendency not to eat what I cook.
5. Running. Seratonin levels are wonderful.
6. Coffee. The smell, the taste, the energy boost...very nice.
7. Working. It makes me feel needed, it gives me a break from my life for a couple of hours, and best of all, it distracts me from my inner monologue.

I'm sure there are some I'm missing, but there are the main ones. But pardon me, I'm going to go have a cigarette.

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